Youth Empowerment Project (YEP)

YEP project empowers rural community youth in different social and economic aspects. It is an ongoing program that trains the rural school dropout youth in modern agriculture and other entrepreneurship ventures. This project is operating in Mbarara District-south western Uganda and targeting youth aged 18-35.

So far the program has trained 418 youth in modern agricultural techniques, record keeping, money saving skills, marketing skills, communications skills, team work and problem solving skills among others.

The program has mostly benefited the school dropout youth who have been unemployed in their communities a situation that has caused some youth girls to get engaged in commercial sex activities in order to earn money for a living and also causing some youth males to get engaged in high way robbery in order to get money.

We have seen youth starting some income generating activities in their homes, these are mostly in line with agriculture/farming “Says the Project-Coordinator” This will not only solve the problem of unemployment among youth in Uganda but also help them generate income to enable them meet their own financial and families problems, “she added”.
Some of the school dropout youth have again gone back to attain education, this is after starting some fast income generating project like poultry farming, piggery and others were they generated some money that enabled them to get school fees.

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