Project Management Skills for Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Administrators (PMASPAST-Project)

The one year project aimed at delivering project management skills trainings to primary and secondary school teachers and administrators in Mbarara District-South Western Uganda. The ultimate purpose was to enable the teachers and administrators to possess knowledge and skills in project management such that they can transfer the same knowledge and skills to their students through integrating project management learning in the schools’ curriculum and also enable them to train other stake holders like other youth, parents, other educators and community members.

The project benefited 216 primary and 221 secondary school teachers and administrators; these were also trained and equipped with skills to transfer the same knowledge to their students. By the closure of one year, the teachers had trained 298 primary school students and 312 secondary school students.

Project management knowledge is highly lacking among teachers and administrators in primary and secondary schools of Uganda and it’s this project that championed learning of project management in primary and secondary schools so as to support students’ achievement as well as their transition to colleges/universities and career development.
Teachers and administrators themselves have started some income generating projects in their homes and the students too started some projects that have helped them to get some money to pay for some items to use at school. “Says Kato S. Abdu-Project Coordinator”

The students’ level of knowledge too has improved to posses some skills in entrepreneurship and we are hopeful that these students who have acquired project management skills will help in creating a better prepared society for future success. “He added”.

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