Implementing Partners

ICODI has been implementing its projects with the following partners:

Mbarara District Local Government (MDLG):
Mbarara District Local Government has been very influential in making ICODI projects and programs a success. The District through its administration efforts from different departments has offered support to make sure that all ICODI’s projects are implemented and are directed to achieve the intended goals and objectives.

Isingiro District Local Government (IDLG):
Isingiro District Local Government has been supportive and making sure that ICODI programmes in the District Succeed. We thank the District Administration for their efforts and support they are giving us while implementing different programmes to benefit the communities in the district.

Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST):
MUST has helped ICODI with volunteers who have helped in providing volunteering trainings services in different communities on different projects. ICODI estimated that if we were to pay such volunteers as full employees, the organization would need to have like a half of its personnel budget in order to pay such people. This is very great contribution to the organization.

Aden Research Consult:
Aden Research Consult has been crucial in working together with ICODI employees in implementing different projects and also carry out some research related projects for organization operational and learning purposes. This has been a great contribution towards the organization’s success.

Mbarara District Primary and Secondary Schools:
Mbarara District Primary and Secondary Schools’ administration have really been supportive to ICODI program of introducing project management skills learning in primary and secondary schools. This program has helped to reached many students and teachers/administrators with project management skills.

Community Leaders:
Community leaders have also acted as a gateway to different community beneficiaries. Without community leaders, ICODI would find it hard to reach different communities with its intended programs.