Message from Executive Director

Kato S. Abdu (Executive Director)
Kato S. Abdu (Executive Director)

Looking at the way back from when ICODI was founded, there has been a remarkable positive change in its operations. The years back and the current year 2018 were and are very important to the organisation and to you our donors.

Thank you for your great efforts towards this remarkable progress!
With your support, ICODI has moved forward to have new staffs, volunteers and partners on board who have worked tirelessly towards achieving the organisation’s mission.

As the Executive Director of ICODI, I am inspired by the continuous growth and development of the organisation and its programmess in Uganda and I look forward to see a future with communities we serve empowered in self-reliance in social and economic aspects.

Your generous giving of time, talents, thoughts and financial resources will help to inspire and lead others to make a positive difference in the millions of rural and urban poor people in Uganda.
Thank you very much for your support! We really look forward to sharing more with you for many years to come.

Kato S. Abdu
Executive Director